What is it you fear?
Quite some effort went into making of these little gold leaf planets/dragon eggs. Happy Easter! ^^
my dearest
Damn, I need something right now.
She is like a cat in the darkand then she is the darknessshe rules her life like a fine skylarkand when the sky is starlessAll your life you’ve never seenwoman taken by the windWould you stay if she promised you heaven?will you ever win?
- Fleetwood Mac - Rhiannon
wat wat
None of the people at my college said my shirt is awesome. Surrounded by idiots.
But moooom, I don’t want to study German and Japanese today. T__T
"Doesn`t it always come down to the love of a woman?"Damon Salvatore, Season 1, Episode 04 - Family Ties
@Celje, Šmartinsko jezero
After all this time I got it.
Save my ass from getting fat after eating this.
But it’s so good!
Baam! The black one in the front is me. Next to me are Borut, Barbara and Rok. An awesome night it was, awesome!
My very own Jack of sound signed shirt that I got yesterday at the 8th anniversary of Hardstyle.si in Ljubljana!
Aaa I can’t believe I got two autographs, a hug, a shirt and a short talk with Jack of sound.
He’s so nice, really, he should be more known, he deserves it.
And the calming jar I made for my boyfriend. Plus a little letter.
Turned out pretty well, even though I had some problems making it. ^^
Look what I got as an early Valentine’s day present from my love. 
I now own the ring and the evenstar! Happy as one can be!
Off to get some food into my tummy!