What is it you fear?
my dearest

I have a sick obsession with blood on pale skin, rough sex and heavy lipstick.

Damn, I need something right now.
She is like a cat in the darkand then she is the darknessshe rules her life like a fine skylarkand when the sky is starlessAll your life you’ve never seenwoman taken by the windWould you stay if she promised you heaven?will you ever win?
- Fleetwood Mac - Rhiannon
wat wat
None of the people at my college said my shirt is awesome. Surrounded by idiots.
But moooom, I don’t want to study German and Japanese today. T__T
Isn’t it funny how I never had any Supernatural dreams until today, when I had an awesome dream about Sam and demon blood, while I notice that it’s his birthday today. Oh, lovely.
"Doesn`t it always come down to the love of a woman?"Damon Salvatore, Season 1, Episode 04 - Family Ties
Baam! The black one in the front is me. Next to me are Borut, Barbara and Rok. An awesome night it was, awesome!
Off to get some food into my tummy!

Gaaah, I’m still not used to press the Private Publish button when I reply to a private message. I automatically press Publish, and baam it’s on my blog.

I seriously need to get used to that….

I shall have a magnificent garden party and you are most certainly not invited.